Pasta Factory


Lucania Pasta was born in the heart of Southern Italy, in Basilicata – the land with two names…

Thanks to the love for an artisan tradition that has lived for centuries in the homes of homemakers and to the commitment of Giulio Viceconti(with the support of his family), this small pasta factory came to life in 1992.

Nestled on the hills of the charming Lucanian village of Trecchina, halfway between the white peaks of Monte Sirino and the breathtaking cliffs of Maratea, Lucania Pasta is a young family-run company that, combining tradition and modernity, conquers firstthe Lucanian and Italian tables and then the international ones too.

Onlyhigh-qualityrawmaterials of the place -such as the purest water of the Sirino springs- and the extra calibrated semolinaobtained by extracting the best durum wheat in the southare the ingredients that contribute to the success of all those products branded by Lucania Pasta. To meet the needs and demands of consumers, the company offers its admirers a wide variety of shapes and types of pasta, both fresh and dried.

Both were produced through a unique process, the bronze drawing, which gives a wrinkled and porous structure and offers the palate a pasta with a unique flavor synonymous with the quality and memory of ancient traditions. Every grain or thread of pasta from the Lucanian company brings along the guarantee of a product of excellence that preserves intact the authentic flavor of homemade pasta…